Life From Afar

Being in a desert area, it is always a pleasant thing to notice (a little) soft greenery in the midst of harsh brown (no pun intended)! In this picture, I hope that the viewer’s attention will be led to the tree afar.

There were 2 downhill paths of Mount Sinai. One was the camels’ path, the other one was down 3000 something nature step! I don’t know what got into our heads, but when our Baduin guide recommended us to go down the 3000 steps, my brother and I agreed! And it was extremely tiring and painful trip down the mountain O_O Very very risky path (with high chances of being Katamari and rolling down the mountain). Well, at that point of time, as I walked down the mountain, I could not help thinking what made my brother and I chose that path. But now, thinking back, I am grateful that we were led to that path. Because or else we would not have seen beautiful, magnificent sceneries! (which my junior college geography teacher would have gone gaga for).

Sorry, but when I saw some scenes, onion peeling, exfoliation and alternative heating and cooling are words that come to my mind (All are weathering-related words :D ask geography students!)


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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