Letter Gaps

I am trying to show something different from the typical sight of the Western Wall (with throng of Jewish Orthodox men cloaked in black outfits). The man in this picture caught my attention for 2 obvious reasons. Firstly he was wearing red t-shirt, secondly he was quite distant from the main crowd of men in front of the Western Wall.

The Western Wall, to the Jewish, is the nearest point where the Jewish can stand to where the Temple Mount once stood. The Western Wall is also known as the Crying Wall, since the Jewish constantly pray that at some point of the future the Temple will once be erected again. Currently, the spot is occupied by the Dome of the Rock, which is believed by Muslims to be the spot where Phophet Muhammed ascended to heaven.

People who go to the Western Wall usually place letter they have written (like petitions) into the gaps of the wall. The guy in the picture is slotting a letter into the gap.


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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