Day 17: Fade In

Today, I’m supposed to document “Something I Made”. I’m very proud of myself for having completed my first ever film script! It’s titled “Those Were The Days”, and judging by the number of pages, it would make for a 15-minute film. I would love to film it. At the same time, I’m still exploring the option of starting a new script, and then going back to this film script at a later time.

There’s this wonderful speech given by “Eat, Pray, Love” author Elizabeth Gilbert on TED on creativity and genius. Her recall of her conversation with American poet Ruth Stone is very fascinating.

When she was growing up in rural Virginia she would be out working in the fields and she said she would feel and hear a poem coming at her from over the landscape and she said it was like a thunderous train of air and it would come barrelling down at her over the landscape. And she said that when she felt it coming – because it would shake the earth under her feet – she knew that she had only one thing to do at that point and that was to, in her words, ‘run like hell’ and she would run like hell to the house, being chased by this poem. And the whole deal was that she had to get to a piece of paper and pencil fast enough so when it thundered through her she could collect it and grab it on the page.

This story resonates with me as I’ve realised that I don’t necessarily have to base what I write on what I’ve experienced myself in my short life. The protagonist of “Those Were The Days” is a 30-something married woman, while I’m just 22, and have never been in a romantic relationship. It somewhat opens up the possibility on things that I could write, and this is a relief.

Watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s speech below.


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