Day 29: Up to the Sky

I’ll be helping out at Up to the Sky music festival tomorrow, becoming an artist liaison for one of the Indonesian bands. It’s held in Old School, a former school complex that has been converted into an arts complex. Visiting Old School is always a chore because of it being located on top of a hill. One has to either endure this flight of stairs for five torturing minutes or take the gentle slope which takes 15 minutes to complete. The complex had held film screenings, but I’ve used the excuse of its location for not attending them. Yeah, I’m a lazy bum. Sadly, the Old School complex will be demolished next year to make way for residential complex. Everywhere in Singapore, buildings keep getting brought down to make way for new constructions.

I hope that it won’t rain tomorrow, and that people won’t be lazy enough to not visit the music festival!

Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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