Day 37: Freedom

After going through a 576-page rollercoaster ride, I’m finally done with Jonathan Franzen’s “Freedom”. What got me interested in the book was its selection in Oprah’s book club. I don’t follow her selection religiously, but I like another recommendation of hers, Jeffrey Eugenides’ “Middlesex”, so I give “Freedom” a go.

The book touches a lot on the ideals of individuals. One of the main protagonists, Walter Berglund, was a key proponent for environmental and population causes. The story did get me thinking over to what point must one sacrifices to attain his or her ideals? And, if these ideals are unattainable, are these sacrifices then for nothing?

At my age of 22, I still count myself as being idealistic. I dream of working in the American film industry in the future. An Asian woman succeeding in a film industry — tough, but possible. I do wonder if this ideal portrayal will cease as I grow older. For now, I’ve realized of the sacrifices that I’ll have to make along the way. But, what cost would these sacrifices bring my relationship with, say, my parents? Also, I have ideals over romance. I’m sure some of them are unfounded, but I still have a lot to explore. What I would think is the best may not be necessarily true.

Up to this point of my life, I’m thankful for the freedom that has been granted to me by my parents and my own self. I’ve learnt to go out of my comfort zone and accept the consequences of my choices. If I’m too afraid of failures, then I won’t be living my life, right?


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Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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