Day 38: Pinnacle of Carnal Desire

I’m a biologically sound woman. Just like men who react to women with overflowing breasts, women like I get very excited when seeing ripped topless men.

These men were standing in front of the yet-to-be-open Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) flagship store in Singapore’s Orchard Road. When I visited them today, they were 28 of them. My friend and I made a pact of ‘collecting’ all of them in photos (mostly in groups), and we succeeded!

I am guilty of objectifying these men, but with so many of them in front of me (topless), this certainly can’t be helped. In fact, I’m very thrilled that women nowadays have more excuses of ogling at men! Before the men of True Blood, Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love… there were the A&F boys, lovingly photographed by Bruce Weber. To his photography credit, the first A&F Quarterly was released in 1997. That was 14 years ago.

Do you know that women have wider range of vision compared to men? That means that, compared to men, women are better able in watching people discretely. Another reason to ogle, and another reason to love this modern era!

Speaking of which, the following conversation took place.

Abercrombie Boy 1: Where are you from?
Me: I’m from Indonesia!
Abercrombie Boy 2: That’s Kuala Lumpur, right?
Me: No…
Abercrombie Boy 3: Ho Chi Minh City? Yeah, Ho Chi Minh City!
Abercrombie Boy 4: Oh… it’s in the south!

Thank goodness for one smart topless boy! The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta, by the way.


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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