Day 53: Occupy Hong Kong

The Occupy movement stormed the world last September. To this day, it is still ongoing in some cities, including Hong Kong. I had been unaware of its existence in Hong Kong until my Hong Kong friends brought me to its site.

What struck me the most was its location — which was beneath HSBC Asian headquarter in Central. It was like breathing under the throat of capitalism for the sake of fighting its corrupting influence. The Hong Kong protestors had been criticized for not having clear demands, but still they had been on camp over the past 2 months. No signs of police trying to evict them yet.

This was the last picture I took before my 18-55mm lens died. So, it will take at least a week before there’ll be a new batch of pictures! In the meantime, I will be uploading my earlier photos of Hong Kong.


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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