Day 54: Enter the Dragon

Every year, people in Singapore celebrate four new years. After the traditional 1st January, Chinese New Year has now arrived! That means saying goodbye to the year of Rabbit, and saying hello to the year of Dragon. Some say that Rabbit years are good for marriage, while Dragon years are good for having children!

A few days ago, I visited River Hongbao, albeit under the rain. An annual celebration of Chinese New Year, it is popular for its lantern displays, which light up at night. Also, visitors can find out about their year’s prospect by reading the predictions accompanying the 12 Chinese zodiacs laterns! With the very modern structures of Marina Bay Sands integrated resort serving as its backdrop, River Hongbao reflects the characteristic juxtaposition of East and West in Singapore.

Chinese associates the red colour with luck. That explains for its bountiful presence in the following pictures. Happy Chinese New Year!


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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