Day 57: Small Dude, Big Bod

“Hey Goliath, can I trade body with you for one day?” said David.

Okay, that didn’t exactly happen. This melting statue of Superman (by Mojoko + Eric Foenander)  has been standing in front of the Singapore Arts Museum for some time. The more direct reference that it has been making is the 365-day scorching heat of Singapore. Even our favourite hero in undies cannot stand the heat.

So, who’s the little dude at the background? Many people mistake him for St. Joseph, since the Museum formerly housed St. Joseph Institution some 100 years ago. The statue is actually of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Two kids statues accompany him by his side.

“Father, why is superman melting? His head is gone!”
“Oh yeah, he’s sick of taking care his curled hair.”

Mojoko + Eric Foenander
No One Can Save Us
Polyfoam, paint & varnish
300 x 240 x 100 cm

No One Can Save Us is the result of a collaboration between Iran-born Mojoko (grew up in Hong Kong, now based in Singapore) and graphic designer Eric Foenander. Its visual representation transcends language barriers, admonishing an outright, crucial message – the death of the superhero or the false idol, our sense of humanity and the natural world, all due to the society’s endless strive for perfection and lust for the material. From a toy or comic character, the superhero transcends its form and is used here as a metaphor for our fascination and blind faith to phenomenas and objects that seem great. No One Can Save Us affably reminds us that the superhero is not immortal after all nor is it as ‘super’ as it is thought to be. And we should be cautious not to become the frivolous superhero toy which we worship.

Source: Artitute


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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