Day 61: Hands Around

Today, when my friend exclaimed “Happy Valentine’s Day!”, I had no idea how to react. You see, I had no date. And I never had one. So, every year, Valentine’s Day comes across as a typical, non-significant day.

Except that I notice more girls dressing up than usual, and more girls carrying flower bouquets in their hands.

Do I feel jealous? If I say absolutely no, I’ll be lying. But, am I in a hurry to find a companionship? No. I’m still 22! So, no hurry means no worries (ok, just a little bit perhaps).

The shot above was taken in Berlin in July 2011. I didn’t go hunting for PDA behaviors in Singapore today. But, wherever one may be, it’s easy to notice couples who are very much in love through their body language. Kisses are not necessary. They’re just an icing on the cake.


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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