Day 70: Beauty Time-Out

Looking at these ladies reminds me of the unruly state my eyebrows are in. I usually pluck them back to shape, and this means enduring pain. Why do we ladies go to such great lengths in the name of beauty?

Then, there’s the game of make-up. My Mom likes to poke fun at my close-to-non-existent make-up skills. If I have to choose between waking up 15 minutes earlier to do make-up or sleeping 15 minutes more, I’ll choose the latter. Never mind that my Mom would disapprove this!

The birds can poop all they want, and I still won’t change my mind. Bird poop facial, anyone?


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

2 thoughts on “Day 70: Beauty Time-Out”

  1. I don’t think I would try a bird poop facial. You have to draw the line somewhere lol. But I will say that at least e very 6 months, we women should all treat ourselves :)

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