Day 72: Holi Moley!

The beginning of spring in India is marked by the Holi festival. During this celebration of color, people threw colored powders at each other. These colors were to represent the exuberance of spring.

I went to one of such celebration in Kembangan area, Singapore. People were having tons of fun throwing powders at each other! In a society where people tend to behave proper and frown over silly acts, the celebration comes across as being rather liberating.

Twice, somebody said to me, “Happy Holi!” before smashing my face with powders. I forgive thee, people.

All of the photographs are shot with Nokia N8 (keeping my DSLR safe!). I hope these photographs will bring you a slice of the colorful experience!


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

6 thoughts on “Day 72: Holi Moley!”

    1. i get what you mean when you said that some people’s faces are just black at the end of the day. in the later part of the holi celebration in singapore, it rained. everyone practically turned into uni-color like purple! hahaha.

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