Day 74: Earth Hour

31 March marked the day for Earth Hour. In Singapore, the main event took place in Orchard Road (Ngee Ann City). One interesting thing that occurred was the human formation in blue. The formation was supposed to drive home the message of switching off the lights for 60 minutes. I noticed a lot of boy brigades participating in the event (top picture). It helped that their uniforms’ color are close to blue! Then, there were some who decided to bring their own candles for the short blackout.

Overall though,  the event turned out to be quite disappointing and too low-key. I was expecting a complete darkness for at least five minutes or so along Orchard Road. That didn’t happen. Perhaps my expectation was more realistic for a New Year’s day!


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

2 thoughts on “Day 74: Earth Hour”

  1. Good shots, love the color of the first.. Love everything about the second, too bad the kid didn’t just move that candle ever so slightly from his face

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