Day 82: Masterplan

It’s up to us to make the best of all things that come our way
And all the things that came have past, the answer’s in the looking glass
There’s four and twenty million doors, down life’s endless corridor
– “The Masterplan” by Oasis

“What’s your plan for the summer?” — that question kept popping up over this past week, which I have spent making new friends over my school’s business case competition. It naturally followed after I told them about my recent graduation.

I have made a list of to-do things. These include finishing up the book layout of my Paris photos (before my Blurb voucher expires), learning to drive, and going out more for photowalks (go away, silly rain!) But, all these are short-term goals. If I don’t find a job or at least an internship, it’s going to be a never ending summer holiday.

In these two coming days, I plan to sit down and sketch out my masterplan. I know the direction that I’m heading, but I need to chart out the path. I need to think of what useful skills I want to learn from my jobs in Singapore. One way or another, these will help to reach my eventual goal of working in the film industry.

I may be a tortoise, but I will reach the finish line.

Botanical Garden, Singapore.

Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

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