Day 97: Father’s Day

My father joked that when I was young, I liked to hug him very much. In his words, I would clung him to very tightly “like a koala bear”. However, as I grow older, the idea of giving him a goodbye peck on the cheek has become more and more foreign. My hugs on him have become forced.

I’m not sure if such instance of growing apart from one’s father happens to everyone. To me, it seems that fathers find it increasingly difficult to express their love to their children as the children grow older. Nevertheless, they still regard their children’s well-being with utmost importance. This even includes the times when their decisions run against their children’s wishes.  That was the case for mine.

Happy father’s day to all fathers of the world!

Esplanade, Singapore.


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

6 thoughts on “Day 97: Father’s Day”

  1. There were times (growing up) when I feel awkward to hug my parents… not just hugs, but also other shows of affection. But that’s in the past, when I was a teenager.

    In my experience, it was me who make the distance from my father — not him.

    But not anymore. As I grow, I learn that I have nothing to be ashamed of; show of affection is not a sign of weakness.

    I always hug my parents when I visit them :-)…

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