Day 102: Leaving Zion

Today, an event named “Open House: Zion Road” brought me to the blue housing blocks of Zion Road in Singapore. The occasion served as a reminder of the area’s inevitable demolition for a new development. You see, the prime location of the area had made it an easy target for en-bloc and re-development. That precise decision took place in 2006.

Now, only few residents remain living in the area. Their time is running out. The young man who opened his former flat for the Open House told me that many of the residents had been moved to new residences in Tiong Bahru or Redhill area. Of course, some are happy with their new flats. But, many others do miss their former homes.

Things always come and go in Singapore. My mom used to joke that buildings in Singapore only last 25 years. To this, I can only respond with a quote by writer Susan Spano — “Souvenirs are perishable; fortunately, memories are not”. Those buildings may be gone, but our memories of them will stay.

Read more about the estate through blog “Remembering Singapore” 


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Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

5 thoughts on “Day 102: Leaving Zion”

    1. Wow, I’ve just taken a look at the link. I could go on and on reading about the various haikyo. What really struck me about the school one was how the items remained intact and stayed unchanged for 20 years. If not for the dusts, maybe one wouldn’t have been able to guess right the test of time.

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