Day 107: Upside & Downfall

For anything that goes up, something else must go down. Such words ring true in Singapore, especially as the country has very limited space.

Two days ago in Singapore, an announcement on a new train line was made. This meant that areas affected by the line construction will be acquired by the government. Pearl’s Center is one of those buildings located within the affected area. The building stands next to the building in the photograph’s background, Pearl Bank Apartments. The ironic thing is that the Pearl Bank Apartments had undergone a few unsuccessful attempts of en-bloc sale to a private developer across the years. In contrast, the acquisition notice on Pearl’s Center had caught its residents by surprise. So, two years from now, the unwilling residents would still be living in the area, while the willing ones would have left.

It is always sad that, in progressing towards the future, one has to keep tearing down the past. What we see now will be different from what our children see.


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

4 thoughts on “Day 107: Upside & Downfall”

  1. Nice shot – the cylinder of the apartments and the stairway speak to each other. It’s a shame that old buildings have to be torn down – but it is the way of progress some time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. While it is true that there is sadness in the lost of heritage as a country like Singapore progress but if all things remain the same the next generation will never have a story to tell. They were born after history of their parents have unfold, heard but yet not experiencing the things of their forefathers. By allowing new things to take place during the time of the younger generation, they will live to experience the things that will unfold in the new making of history – telling new things and old, make comparison and encourage their children to continue the things that are still left undone.

      1. Thanks Olivia. To be honest, they were not my point of view. I heard it from someone who is much older than me. He is probably 70+ in age and someone who probably went through the period where many of these old architectural buildings were built. Some were probably built by him – he is someone whom we can said is a part of the laying blocks that built the roads of Singapore.

        I cannot experience what he went through and how he felt when those older buildings were being built. But when the iconic Pinnacle @ Duxton were being unfold, we can see the awe of modern architecture. Someday this building has to go but in its pace there will be more inspiring ones where the younger generations can live to tell this part of the story and how it was linked to the past.

        If you stand at the road junction that divides cantonment road, you will see the Pinnacle on one side and another very old estate. It is known as the Everton Park Estate. Very old but gives you a perspective of the old and the new in modern architecture that witness the changing landscape of Singapore’s history.

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