Day 110: Shadows of My Heart

In Singapore, the sun is never kind. Baked under its full glory, one could hardly see what lies ahead.

My future… is like the sun. I know that it will always be there, but I could never be sure what it really is like. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun if I know what I’ll be like in the future. Maybe that’s why the future can be as blinding as the sun.

For now, all I could do is to look at the clues left behind by the future, just like how the shadows were born from the rays of light. I’ll look into my heart, gaze afar and walk ahead.

Suntec City Convention Hall, Singapore


Published by

Olivia Griselda

A photographer & filmmaker based in Singapore.

One thought on “Day 110: Shadows of My Heart”

  1. Interesting perspective as I read this short post of yours today and I cannot help but agree with the analogy of the sun to one’s future.

    You are probably in your early twenties (approaching say mid 20s?) and fresh out of school and yearning to look at what the future is in stall. A time that is filled with full of excitement, aspirations and also a some small dose of doubt of uncertainties.

    I am going 41 this year and I see the sun somewhere in the same direction as you. It is till blinding but its quality is no longer as good as in the past. I remembered as a kid, the sun was beautiful and full of life. Its ray when it reached your skin, it gave burst of energy and making one feel very healthy.

    However, these days, the sun has grown old (just like me) and given the environment harm that has affected the planet and its ozone layer, you do not get good quality light and warmth anymore. And as an analogy to my ongoing life, it is very much like saying once you know that you will enter into the age of 50 in the years to come, you lost the vibrancy of your youth. I was once a photographer (trained in the old ways of observation) but also armed with a commerce degree. I roamed Europe working as a business consultant and moonlight as a photographer before becoming a full time photographer in architecture specialization. Halfway, I gave it up because my parents want me to have a stable job in the corporate world. Struggle it was at that time but I chose to oblige and make them feel happy. As i am getting older each day, I doubt I can go back to my good old days.

    I would leave you this thought. This younger generation has more freedom to do almost anything and most of you are more financially structured than my time. Go pursue your dream. The world is no going to be around for too long – just look at the sun. But remember to do good for the society and the environment.

    God bless,


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