Day 62: No Lack of Color

Pretty colorful houses occupy Burano Island in the Venetian Lagoon. Besides these houses, the island is also known for its lacework. Then, there’s the Da Romano restaurant recommended by TV personality, chef Anthony Bourdain. In my trip to Venice last year, visiting Burano was one of the top highlights. How could one not feel cheered up looking at those bright colors?

I’m excited that the above photo of mine has been featured in Noise Singapore 2012 showcase and publication. Noise is an annual festival showcasing art and music by the youth. If you’re in Singapore, be sure to check out the showcase in ION Orchard Basement 4 (now until 4 March). Many inspiring works await you!


Day 61: Hands Around

Today, when my friend exclaimed “Happy Valentine’s Day!”, I had no idea how to react. You see, I had no date. And I never had one. So, every year, Valentine’s Day comes across as a typical, non-significant day.

Except that I notice more girls dressing up than usual, and more girls carrying flower bouquets in their hands.

Do I feel jealous? If I say absolutely no, I’ll be lying. But, am I in a hurry to find a companionship? No. I’m still 22! So, no hurry means no worries (ok, just a little bit perhaps).

The shot above was taken in Berlin in July 2011. I didn’t go hunting for PDA behaviors in Singapore today. But, wherever one may be, it’s easy to notice couples who are very much in love through their body language. Kisses are not necessary. They’re just an icing on the cake.

Day 10a: Coffee

Only if you hate a cup of tea and insists on coffee. I should have merrily licked off the rim of the cup. Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam. May 2011.

Day 2: Dogwalk

I keep going back home late from work. By that time, most of the dogs would have finished their afternoon walks.

So, yes I’m cheating for this challenge. This shot was taken on July this year in Florence.

Dear Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison of the band, The Doors, is arguably the most famous resident of Pere Lachaise cemetery within the contemporary time. The talented man died at 27, at the peak of his career. “Live fast and die young” – MGMT’s lyrics was what I think of when I recall Jim Morrison’s early death. To die young at the peak of your career, then the world will forever miss you. To die old at the slump of your career, then the world will forget you (then maybe miss you). At least you get to taste your success for the first case. For the second case, you don’t. See the cases of : Frederic Chopin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Georges Bizet etc.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery. March 2011.

I Long for Thy Peace

It was a quiet, grey day for a walk through Pere Lachaise cemetery. Peaceful, tranquil and beautiful – those are the words I would use to describe the cemetery. One may forget that he or she is in a cemetery if they only pay attention to the sculptures within the area. They are beautiful, and do not necessarily make direct references to death. At times, even the beauty of the sculptures may overtake the importance of the soul buried underneath it. By the way, who is Amirale Bruat?

Pere Lachaise Cemetery. March 2011.

Voyeurism of Venus

Miss Mona Lisa is a celebrity of her own right. So is Miss Venus from Milo.

It disturbs me that an object can have such a large cultural significance that it becomes somewhat trivialised. So, Mona Lisa has her own special space in the Louvre. It is so special that nobody can observe the artwork up close anymore (except for the security guards, perhaps). Everybody wants to take picture with Mona Lisa. But nobody could appreciate her beauty up close. That’s sad.

For Venus, her celebrity status has attracted a lot of visitors too. It’s funny how many people photograph her, considering that she is topless, without hands to cover her own bosom. At least one could walk around Venus to observe her (pretty) closely.

Louvre Museum, March 2011.