Field of Gold

Somewhere in Tiberias, Israel, shot from the bus I was riding (hence the blurred front). Very strong and stark contrast.

This will be the last picture I will be uploading from the Middle East series!


Bahai Garden

The Bahai garden in Haifa, Israel, is such a beautiful large acre of green space. Bahá’í teachings emphasize the underlying unity of the major world religions, such as Islam, Christianity, Jewish Orthodox and Buddhism. On the left, where the shrine stood, is where the founder of the religion was laid to rest. This picture was taken from Mount Carmel.

The garden is mainly maintained by volunteers, who live in the complex for a few months at a go, with food and accomodation provided for them.

Lego Blocks

In this picture is the city of Haifa in Israel. The block and similar looking blocks really reminds me of lego blocks, especially when looking at the angle this picture was taken. They kinda looked like random boxes laying among the bush! This picture was taken at a hill overlooking this area of the city. By the way, Haifa was one of the cities that got hit by rocket missiles during the Israel-Hizbollah war a few years ago.

Sole Figure

Taken in Israel, in a trip from Jerusalem to Tiberias. Very nice barren views all over the place :)


A last shot of Jerusalem, before I travelled to the north of Israel! The dome in the centre of the picture is the Dome of the Rock, which is a holy place for Muslims. You can also clearly see the barriers that was erected around the old Jerusalem by the Ottoman Empire ages ago.


This is excessive amount of signage! Choose which one is applicable for yourself, whether it is transportation-related (motor? mini stalls? truck?) or food-related (are you hungry? how about having chicken schnitzel?)

It’s your call :)

Old Jerusalem, Israel

Dancing With Myself

I found that the style of the yellow dance costume at the foreground is distinctively-middle eastern. As such, without much explanation, you can sort of guess where the picture was taken from!

The picture was taken at the old Jerusalem, Israel, near the Stations of the Crosses. It is quite common to see shops hanging their clothes at high bar in front of their shops to hint potential buyers of what the shops are selling :)