Singapore & Its Kraftwerk Quirks

I had just come back from Kraftwerk concert in Singapore’s Esplanade, and boy, I was impressed! While the 3D visuals were rather disappointing, I did experience several goose-bump moments. That was a testimony to how much better their electronic music sound live.

My phone photography wouldn’t do justice to Kraftwerk’s concert. So, I’m posting two photographs taken in Singapore’s Tiong Bahru area instead. They are my little tributes to Kraftwerk. The top picture is for the song “Autobahn” (German for motorway), while the bottom picture is for “Tour de France” (LOL).

Although Kraftwerk does not produce new songs these days, I would still recommend seeing them live. Their music and show are art by themselves. Besides, the band is a major influence to many of today’s pop music, from Coldplay to Jay Z, from Daft Punk to Kanye West.

Photography by Olivia Griselda. Tiong Bahru.


Tiong Bahru, Singapore


Day 99: Hot Chip in Singapore

Fun, catchy, playful — these are the words that I’d use to describe British electropop band, Hot Chip. It has been five years since I discovered them through a hilarious music video of theirs, “Over and Over”. So, when it was announced that they’d be dropping by Singapore, and that the tickets were only S$51 (US$40), I was more than excited.

The performance in Avalon Singapore was a part of their international tour to support their latest album, “In Our Heads”. Hearing them live, I had to admit that their songs really did belong to the dance floor. The crowd just couldn’t stop dancing to the grooves!

Day 93: Fred Perry’s Sub-Sonic Live!

Anyone can enjoy good live music anywhere. Even in a basketball court, which was the setting for Fred Perry’s Sub-Sonic Live! Serving as a showcase for Singapore’s music scene, the event drew a great turnout, and the crowd was clearly loving the music. The bands performed
behind a netting which became a visual canvas for audio-visual collective Syndicate. My photography seriously couldn’t do justice to their beautiful works.

The line-up included The Sets Band (rock/folk/blues), Monster Cat (alternative), Astreal (ambient rock/electronica), and an indie DJ set by Ruffians. Go check out their music!



Day 90: Singapore Art Salon

People say that Singapore is a boring city. Well, these people haven’t looked hard enough for the island’s random offerings. Singapore Art Salon is one of those random things. Happening every last Tuesday of the month in Blujaz Cafe, the salon is a gathering of various art mediums. Theater, music, poetry, film — you name it, they have it. Every month has its own distinctive artists line-up.

Artists in the May 2012 edition:
1) Amber Lin, a poet currently studying in Lasalle College of the Arts. While deceptively simple, her works were genuine and sincere.

2) Laura, posing in for sketching sessions. Posing was such a tough, nerve-wrecking job!

3) Wee Li Lin, a filmmaker who showcased her short documentary on 67-year-old Singaporean country singer, Matthew Tan (click to see the documentary). It told of a heartwarming journey of a musician to realize his dream in the mecca of country music, Nashville, in the 1970s.

4) Wendell John Frando & Kitty Whitelaw (both were actors of Voyage de la Vie theatrical). They performed two of their favorite musical tunes.

5) Cold Shoulder, a music band (2nd & 3rd pictures). I never would have guessed that the innocent-looking, small-sized lead singer would pack in so much screaming powers. Never judge a book by its cover!

Looking forward to the June edition on the 26th!

Day 30: The Trees & The Wild

It was Up to the Sky music festival yesterday in Singapore, and I served the Artist Liaison for an Indonesian band named “The Trees & The Wild”. My involvement was an affair of two days, from picking them up at the airport yesterday morning to today’s departure of theirs also in the morning.

It was my first stint as an Artist Liaison for any festival or event, and it opened my eyes to how demandingly tight and tiring a schedule can be for artists when doing festivals. The brutal rain didn’t help at all.  The band took a 6 a.m. flight out of Jakarta, and went straight to the venue once they had landed in Singapore (no time for hotel check-in!) for their sound check. After their performance ended at 4 pm, they stayed behind to support another Indonesian band, “White Shoes & The Couples Company”, before finally heading off to the hotel at 6 pm. Whew!

This picture was taken after finishing their sound check at noon. They’re such a bunch of nice people! I feel very fortunate to have them in my first stint in what-sure-to-be many more Artist Liaison gigs in the future. Check out their song “Berlin” below, sang in English from their performance early last year.